Beyond Craft: The Art of Photography

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As photographers, we recognize "Craft" as our technical ability and "Art" as our creative capability. So what's keeping you from becoming the photographer you are meant to be? Over our 15 lesson series, what we teach you will close the gap.

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Join us as we "Connect The Dots," increasing our creative capability, growing together, and acquiring new understanding.

What's Included:

  • 15 In-depth E-mail Lessons
  • Practical Application
  • Assignments
  • Concise Teaching Videos
  • Section Recap Videos
  • Private Facebook Community

NOTE: We currently are offering rolling admissions, which means you can get started right away! Receive the 1st lesson the day you sign-up! The total course length runs for 30 days.

What To Expect

After a successful registration, you'll receive a welcome e-mail to help you prepare including a syllabus, link to the private Facebook group, and tips to ensure deliverability to your inbox.

E-mails are spaced to arrive every other day giving you time to digest the lesson, participate in the discussion, and complete the assignment.

Seize This Opportunity

You've invested in countless classes, seminars, books, and courses to improve your photography but deep inside there is a piece of the puzzle that feels like something essential is missing.

Our journey to find those answers showed us that it's more than a missing puzzle piece. In fact, it's a huge part of the equation, and that's why it's never added up in your mind!

We invited over 50 professional photographers from across the globe to participate in the creation of this series to give critical feedback.

Our mission is to create a permanent and lasting change in the way you approach the artistic process and every time you pick up your camera.

What Photographers Are Saying

"From a personal perspective l have read and watched countless books & videos on photography. Once you move beyond technique and the nuts and bolts of using equipment, it becomes hard to find guidance and insight in how to create and build creativity in yourself!

I feel that l am not a natural artist and must work to develop the skills needed to produce the images l want to create. So, l found these emails and the course very exciting and beneficial!"

Andrew Hemming - UK photographer

"I am loving this! So much great info. Each email makes me anxious for the next one, so I can devour it as well. I can not wait for the full version to come out."

Jules Buckland - Australian photographer

"The content is refreshing and digs into realms that are not in the usual photography course, and I believe it's what many like myself are looking for and not readily finding. You guys are on to something. You made me feel as though you have expressed my needs/wants better than I could have explained it myself."

Nellie Quiros - USA photographer


Elevate your visual IQ by simplifying the creative approach through a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Principles and Elements of Art as they relate to photography. We don’t want to make it about the rules; it’s why the rules exist and how to use them effectively.

Increase your ability to pre-visualize and create compelling storytelling images. It makes no difference what genre(s) you enjoy shooting, subject matter or style. Communicating Intent & Impact is the key to a compelling creative process and strong image-making.

Develop your capacity to go beyond the limitations of craft and technique on your journey towards becoming an unrestrained artist.