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Watch us evaluate your image(s), providing comments, suggestions, and tips to improve your photography. Video shared via a private website for easy viewing and commenting.

What To Expect

  • Purchase your desired number of critiques.*
  • Send us your photo through the URL we provide.
  • Evaluations recorded on a weekly basis.
  • Watch and rewatch your critique online.

* Discounted pricing available for bundles which may be used over time.

About The Photographers

We have a combined 60+ years of experience as professional photographers, print competition competitors and serving as international judges for major print competitions.

David Edmonson is a Grand Master of WPPI, Master Photographer in PPA & Fellow of the SWPP with over 40+ years of experience as a professional photographer.

Luke Edmonson is a Triple Master of WPPI, Master Photographer in PPA & Fellow of the SWPP.

More importantly, we've earned the respect of our industry and our peers at home and around the globe.

Judging Experience

Learn more about the awards that speak to our recognition as leaders in our field.

Discover the accolades provide support for our ability to provide valuable, tangible, and insightful feedback about your photography.

What Photographers Are Saying

"Your detailed and very technical video critique opened my eyes to how closely judges look at the tiniest details. Your feedback addressed some fundamental technical mistakes and all of a sudden my super polished image seemed unfinished and very rough around the edges. Getting this image right was very important to me, being the first planned creative shoot I'd attempted in years and shot specifically for competition, so I decided to stick with it rather than abandon it for the next project.

The style of image I was going for required a very polished, refined look, so I decided to rework the image altogether. When I finished making refinements to all of the points you'd brought up in the video critique, I went over every square centimeter of the file, checking for even the tiniest imperfections.

While I am still fond of the original picture as it has a sort of rawness to it that I like, the final image is much, much more pleasing to the eye and precisely the effect I originally wanted. And you know what? It finally scored a Gold (90+ points) :-).

Your photo critique was an essential part of making this picture a success in competition, as, before your comments, I literally could not see these flaws. Once I could see them and understood how they could affect my score, I knew exactly what to do to fix them!
It wasn't a quick fix - it was a reworking that took at least 4 to 5 hours, but I am delighted, to say the least!"

Sarah Ferrara - Italy